November Update I.


Aside from the buzz about Election Day, I’d like to let you know what I’m up to this month. First, I’m declaring to be a mechanical engineer in the near future, which also means I may be able to drop my dreaded computer science class! Hoo-ray! I believe that being a mechanical engineer will help me to someday use those attained skills to figure through the technicalities of any designs I may want to devise and ultimately fabricate. At this point in my life, I’m very happy to say that I want to be an industrial or interior designer, and with that vision I want to move forward in my work so I may be able to reach that goal.

PILLOE is important to me because I want it to be a launch pad where I can display some of my ideas, but also someday coordinate with other engineers and moreso designers in sharing ideas or concepts.

There’s a couple things I wanted to update you on: First, I’m working on a film, which may take me the semester to complete as my work has tied me up most days out of the fall, but I hope to base it off a recent romantic mishap, which should be fun to try to get on film. I also would like to share with you a few concepts that I’m working on: first, to build off on what I wrote in my previous post, I’m very interested in working on bedroom/upholstery design and with that I’ve mainly been concentrating on different concepts of the bed and playing around with various arrangements and shapes that are, I would say, quite different from the common angular designs of most bed frames. I am going to continue working on that area for a while longer and will post images once I have aggregated a large amount of contrasting ideas.

Upcoming movie still. 2012.


I’d like to wish you a very great day – no matter who you are or what you are.


Direction of Pilloe

I’d like to let you know what exactly my plans are for the next year or so in regards to this project, “Pilloe.” I also have to mention that I can’t exactly say that these plans are very clear at the moment, but for now, they appear to begin solidifying.

In the spirit of why I named this blog Pilloe, I wanted to begin looking into the medium of sleep and how we are found sleeping in a variety of cultures. I also perhaps will look into different folklore as to how dreams are interpreted across cultures, as well, and finally, I’d like to take my own crack at the whole question with perhaps some hopefully artistic insight.
I’m happy you’ll be joining me in this quest,